Remote Air Quality Sensor

  • Description


• The sensor reacts to tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours
• It automatically switches the fan ON/OFF according to the detected air quality level, manually adjustable.
• Suitable for surface and built-in installation
• The permanent control of indoor air quality off ers important advantages : maximum comfort for the user and energy saving as the fan is activated only if necessary.
 Ideal for public premises
• Ease of connection by the means of removable terminals
• Preset holes for surface or recessed cable entry
• Max load 4 A
• Single-phase 117-230V / 50-60 Hz
• Class II protection, no earth connection is needed
• Provided with protection fuse
• Weight: 0,5 Kg
• Dimensions 110x80x42 mm

The R10 sensors can be surface or built-in installed and are suitable for home automation systems.